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I must apologize to any who wants to take the lessons. I have lingered too long in starting them and I feel bad about that. I won’t go into details, I will just say that I am starting tonight on further lessons and will keep you updated on them and the schedule for the live classes to go over the material. It will be in a conference setting and you will be informed of where to tune in after registration.

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These computer lessons are not what you think. these are for the computer challenged and I mean exactly that. Are you one of the people who doesn’t know what that doo hickey is? What about the thingamajig? The whatchamacallit? Well, I didn’t either. But I became determined to learn what they are and be able to follow instructions to learn how to maneuver the computer. Now I want to teach you to do the same. The difference is, that you will not have to struggle with it. I am going to teach you how to identify the parts of the desktop and any other objects you need to know the name of. This is the key to being able to follow instructions and learn how to do things. I am going to teach you how to identify the different parts of the computer navigational system. If you are reading this on the home page and know someone who knows little to nothing about the computer, read more information on the lessons, and you’ll see how helpful they are; then direct your loved ones to that page and help them learn.  They don’t need to be alarmed or panicked that they won’t be able to understand or I go too fast for them. I break everything down so it is easy to understand and learn at your own pace. Stop anywhere and pick up where you left off.

I understand the things they are feeling. When the instructions tell you to look on the navigation bar and find the clock, they are going to know where to look and exactly what they are looking for, and how to change it. I list the steps in simple language, not as if I am talking to someone who has worked on the computer for a while and knows where the URL box is or the tabs on their internet explorer. This first section is for the users of Windows 8 os and the window 10 OS will be here too, but the 8 is already done a few years ago and the 10 will take more time to present. But they still can learn the basics of files and folders, the parts of the screen, and how to find things


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