I heard the word “outlier” in an English TV series that took place in the mid to late 1700s. Many archaic words have to be written into scripts for the movie and TV series in order for the language to be authentic of the time period. The actors and actresses make the scenes believable when the words are pronounced naturally with surety and accuracy. I’ve grown fond of words that I’ve never heard. To my ears, many archaic words I find interesting. I started a little notebook and when I hear an archaic word, I write it down and what I think it means. When the program is over, I find a dictionary, and many times archaic words are there. I compare what I think it means, to what it does mean. Then I use it in several sentences in the modern world. In that way, I become comfortable when trying to fit it into an article I am writing.

Outlier is a word that, while it has changed little, is perfectly fitting for the definition of the low-life that fits into this particular group of modern-day outliers. Men and women alike fit into this group. It’s interesting to know that some synonyms of the word outlier are; deviate, anomaly, oddity, abnormality, unconformity, departure, and any other word that means something that stands apart from the rest of society. In other words, these are society’s outcasts and even outcasts of Outliers in general. Another description of this group of outliers is a person or group who does not conform to accepted norms or rules. The intentions of this group of outliers are pure evil.

In fact, some synonyms of outliers deviate, anomaly, oddity, abnormality, unconformity, departure, and any other word that means something that stands apart from the rest of society, or a person or group who does not conform to accepted norms or rules. Scallywags is a good word for them, in fact, they are expertly trained in this field. They have learned how to manipulate men and women alike and keep them dangling on the line for long periods of time.

You don’t have to look very far to find them. Instagram and all the social media sites are a prime breeding ground for these despicable liars, thieves, and well-taught men and women. They are so convincing that some people never suspect anything, even people well educated and good judges of character are sometimes fooled by these professionals. Anybody that suspects anything and confronts him with their suspicions, will probably have the gaslight card played on them.

After watching the shows featuring this subject and listening to several stories from these vulnerable women, it seems to me this is a two-edged sword, to say the least. Life plays tug of war with our hearts. Elation is in one direction and disappointment in the other. Trying to recover from this heart-breaking trauma they may feel as if it is three steps forward (he stole from me)) and back three (but he loves me) and it continues until these people, whether man or woman, finally see them for what they really are. They are vile thieves who have no conscience.

What they do with the money that they con out of people could be anything, the worst of which could be, buying arms for countries at war and selling them on the black market, for which they would be blood-guilty as someone taking a gun and killing someone themselves. Speaking of being blood-guilty, have you thieves ever thought of this?

Anyone in this group could be the direct reason for someone’s death. You may wonder how you could be the cause of taking a life if you are not killing anyone, just stealing from them? I’ll be happy to tell you how. I see this particular group of outliers as an unscrupulous group in the truest sense of the word; their behavior is unacceptable even within the world of outliers. There have been cases where some have lost so much money to these thieves that they take their own lives because they have lost everything. Were you one of those people who cause someone’s death?

Even if one of these outliers does not cause death, they still do vile things, and they do these things with INTENT!  There is no recourse for the innocent victims that are left with empty pockets and broken hearts. The Bible says that you should return evil for evil to no one. That is to their own benefit and those are Jesus’ words at …                                                                                                                  

  Romans 12:17-19   “Return evil for evil to no one. Take into consideration what is fine from the viewpoint of all men.18 If possible, as far as it depends on you, be peaceable with all men.19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written: “‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay,’ says Jehovah.”

He just swept me off of my feet.”

According to one woman who I will call Sheila told me,  “He picked me up out of the deep black hole I had seen before, he dusted me off, he stood me on my feet, and then on a pedestal and convincingly offered me exclusive devotion, and undying love for an eternity. He built me up and he told me things I needed to hear. He told me I was beautiful, intelligent, valuable, and to be honored. He brought me hope of not being alone for the rest of my life. He gave me self-confidence, knowledge, and understanding of myself. He made me believe that I was worthy of being loved, a woman whose life mattered. This is where my own lack of self-worth snapped shut the trap that has held me captive for three years while he has fed me continuously a special diet mixed with lies and poisonous words of love; and while I suspected him all along, he tried to gaslight me each time I’d catch him and confront him in his lies, and then he’d calm me with his wonderful poisonous words of love.”

He and hundreds of others are trained to know just from listening to what is said what women want and need to hear. She told me, “It appeared to me that he knew me better than many people who have known me for years. He knew exactly what I needed to hear, and then he simply sweetened my life with his poisonous words and I was his. Even though I put my trust in him, I had nagging doubts about him from the beginning. I listened intently to each thing he said, and so many of the things he told me I checked out myself. I thought that I caught him in several lies but made excuses for him and told myself that he must have meant or said something different, and so with his words of love, I became disoriented beyond the point of being able to distinguish the truth from the lies and I could not say with any certainty which of his words were true, or which of his words were false. Yet I listened intently to what he said too and gained as much knowledge of him as he did of me. I was deeply in love with him.”

They are COWARDS in every sense of the word and YES, I said COWARDS, all in caps They hide behind their phones while speaking poisonous words of love to the vulnerable and do not even deny what they accuse them of. The liars are evasive when you ask them questions while they try to change the subject. When they do decide to give an answer because a person keeps asking until an answer is finally given, but it is hesitant and vague Their words are empty leaving questions unanswered which just adds insult to injury. Then these men and women wonder why their victims don’t trust them and they even act indignant at any suggestion that they’ve not been anything but honest with them.

I asked Sheila, “Why did you go on with this?” She answered with these words, “It was his words filled with poison. It was his wonderful words I’d never heard coming from any man and directed at me before not even from my late husband of 45 years. His words were pure poison.” Then she added, “Any woman who has been taken in the same way will probably say the same thing. I had so much attention given to me, it was as if I had been starving for lack of it but I wasn’t, it had only been a year since my husband died. His words were wonderful and they made me feel on top of the world. I felt as if I was back in my 30’s again, not in my 70’s. I felt more alive than ever. His attention and words of love gave me confidence in myself that I was a person that was loveable. I wasn’t just an old lady, he made me feel alive and young again he made me feel as if I were a valuable woman.”

As tears filled her eyes, Sheila then asked me, “Am I not the most to be pitied that I needed such a man to make me see worth in myself? He made me feel good and robbed me while he was doing that.”

Again I asked her why if she suspected him why she kept going on letting him do this to her and she again justified her actions with these words of her own, “His words were always kind and loving, his voice soft. He showered me with attention constantly and made me feel as if I were the most important thing in his life. He was romantic and had no problem telling me he loved me. Although I suspected all along that he was stealing from me I did feel that it was only money that he took from me; Even as I am writing this, my mind is telling me that he cares nothing for me, feels no shame, and will show no remorse when he’s caught. If perchance he feels any shred of remorse, it’s only because he got caught, not because he’s sorry the stole from a widow.”

Even though she doesn’t owe him a thing, not even an explanation, she now knows that he doesn’t care.  Not only do scammers not care about you, but they do not care how you get the money. They just want you to keep on sending it. They are good at what they do and what is it that they do? They make women fall in love with them and shortly begin to ask for money from them through many hard-to-believe excuses.

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