Lesson 1 Free


I apologize for the delay in the video lesson. Please bear with me while I keep trying to get this on the air.

I wasn’t going to talk about the cursor in the first lesson, but the more I thought about it, the more I saw the need to put it first because you can’t do anything without the cursor.

In the first lesson: we will learn about the desktop, left and right clicks, folders; files; apps (or programs), icons

This is what the cursor looks like, you all probably know that and can do some things on the computer already. email, surfing the internet, but I am going to get down to the very basics of the computer.

Only two things are important to remember when using the mouse. The two buttons on top portion of the mouse have two clickers they each do separate and distinct things. If you can remember the two functions you will learn things quickly.

Left click: always chooses something – click on an object an outline appears around it. The left click always chooses.

Right click: if you right click, you will always get a dropdown menu. The menu that drops down, will give you choices to do something. You choose one of the functions so you left click to choose a function on the dropdown menu.

Now let’s take a quick look at icons. An icon is one of the “whatcha-ma-call-its” that I used to call “the little picture thingees on the thing that opened when I turned the computer on,” Is what I would tell my brother. ICONS is so much easier, and I don’t trip over the words when I say it – icons.

When I say that these lessons will be very easy it’s, because you will understand the everyday language I tell you and show you how to do things. As you can see, it will be easy to understand because I break down the lessons into bite size pieces.

Two more things I would like to cover in this chapter. One is the navigation or action bar, and the other is the taskbar.

I will have the video part of this lesson on by tomorrow at the very latest.

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