Basic Lessons

This is your friend
Computer Lessons

Easy Lessons

These lessons are easy to follow. I explain what things are, and what they do.

You will not get frustrated, confused, or angry at the computer or me, since my lessons are in plain language that is not meant for the computer genius. There are some new words that will have to be learned, but even that will be made easier than doing it on your own.

There is even extra help for those who miss something or don’t understand a concept or way to do things at no extra cost. I will work with you until you understand and are able to master whatever it is you are working on.

No crashing computers

I crashed my computer so many times and lost everything I had accomplished; and many pages of journals and private diaries that I rewrite and post online had vanished along with everything else… This won’t happen to you. You will know what is Okay to touch and what isn’t.

I don’t want anyone to struggle with the issues I had and consequently give up learning an important tool that you need today in life. Many think they are too old to learn the computer and don’t want to bother with it. Can you say that today? It may not have been important back then, but every company expects you to order online, apply for a job online, file it online, or do something else online. Even the government expects it, so how are you supposed to do that if you don’t know how? or if you don’t even have the internet?

I know of one lady my age who has to sit through long classes a distance away because she can’t take these necessary classes for her job. There is really no need for this to happen to anyone. Don’t let your parents and other loved ones fall any further back from the rest of the world than they are right now. Sign up today for these classes.

Even students need to do research and school work online. Some students do not know how to do that. These lessons will help you too and give you the upper hand.


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