Self pity

So many of us have been there, and we all have looked at those things too. Not the exact situation, not the same problems, but yes, similar thoughts. The solution? Alanon has it right about turning to God. You have it within your sites. You asked God what His will is for you. In the gist of the answer, he has told you. Your day was a bit better, everything you did was a bit better, even your thoughts were a bit better. You are on the right track, keep seeking what Gods’ will is for you.

Finding the Courage to Change

In one of my Alanon books, One Day at A Time, there is a quote on page 21 that reads, “If I an see myself clearly and honestly in relation to my present circumstances, I will not become the victim of self pity or resentment. If I do what I should I will be at peace with myself. It is only when I compare my lot in life with that of others that the destructive emotion of self-pity is allowed to engulf me”. I read this the other day and I was angry. I had been walking around angry already but this made me even more mad. You see I have been struggling lately. I have been walking around with this feeling of despair. Thinking that I was failing and that I was never going to be able to improve my situation and therefore should just stop trying. But the…

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One response to “Self pity”

  1. This was a good post. I enjoyed reading it. Alanon is good for everyone who joins. I never did receive any encouragement because of my own parental endeavors that involved AA. Their whole life was AA, and we were left basically to ourselves. Their pigeons were far more important than we ever were. That was just the way it was for us. Not for others and I’m glad that it has helped so many. It works for them.


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