The Cabin in the Woods

Our lives are far too busy today to stop and enjoy what our grand creator has prepared for us, but one trip to the cabin in the woods reminds us that man is not as important as we’d like to think he is.

This quiet solitude gives us the peace we so badly need in this world gone mad. It matters not which direction you turn, the silent beauty increases.

Sitting quietly on the porch, a pair of woodpeckers may be seen tending to their nest in a barren tree. Maybe a turkey vulture will land on a nearby branch looking for dinner as he rests his wings. The unfamiliar quiet is soothing to our ears and the birds that sing are pleasurable to our hearts. The peace that surrounds the old cabin warms our very being and  invites us to give thanks to our heavenly father.

Squirrels continually look for food and bury it for the leaner days of winter while they cautiously watch us. Animals’ lives go on whether we are here or not; they have no worries or cares. They go about their lives and do what comes naturally and when we leave their view, it matters not to them.

If we meditate on these things we will find this peaceful harmony that surrounds the cabin is the very thing that makes our sanity return to our hearts and minds. Look closely at the variety of birds; hear each one sing a different tune. They fly south and come home again without anyone calling them or showing them the way. They exhibit the same instincts that were given to them at the time of their creation so long ago.

Whether walking down the dirt road and stopping to admire the tangled roots of a tree or finding a tree that grows needles, we stand in awe at the creation itself because it is too wonderful for us to grasp. It causes our heart and minds to grow in appreciation for the Creator that gave so much thought to the unsearchable gifts he gave to lowly mankind.

It’s then that we should remember we are but a speck of dust in the eyes of our Heaven Father, Jehovah; yet he tenderly cares for each one of us and answers the prayers of the honest hearted ones. Oh Jehovah!  

Yes, Jehovah is the name of our heavenly father. Your name is beautiful and no one else can possess such a glorious name. Thank Jehovah today for the beauty he created yesterday. Yes it still surrounds the cabin in the woods today.

Sing praises to Jehovah, and glorify His name. (Psalms 83:18)


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