Dreams and Reality

I remember his first kiss upon my lips, for that was the very moment he captured my heart;  and it was that very day when our love began, there in the World of Reality. My heart was pounding, my mind racing with excitement, and my thoughts were running wild, I continued alongside him into a land not familiar.   

I saw the sign: it plainly said “The land of dreams” Your eyes were so trusting, and your words so sweet. You easily convinced me that we belong  together in the land of dreams.  In the land of dreams our love began to blossom. The more words of love we spoke to each other, the deeper our love grew, yet, the many words of love we exchanged became so confusing to me. I’d find my thoughts spending much time in the world of  reality; he always knew when my mind wandered back there. For it was only he who knew where I was, and exactly how to bring me back with him to be with alongside him.

We would always remain on the cloud I was hiding in and we’d talk for hours about how pretty the land of dreams is with its comfy fluffy clouds scattered all over the land and all the little creatures who curiously had the same name and it was ly.  He’d always remind me the world of reality was not a pretty place and asked why I always want think about that world? If you keep thinking about it, you might want to go back, and that would break my heart.

Every now and then I would notice all the little creatures gathering together behind the clouds giggling and they’d take turns peeking out of the clouds, and smiling at me. I wasn’t too sure what it meant, but maybe that had something to do with my always thinking about the world of reality, I just shrugged and turned back towards him. I took a deep breath and  took his arm and let him lead me back home. On the way back home he would always talk his best words of love to me.

So with all of his sweet words of love he would escort me so gently wherever he went in the land of dreams to always have me by him. But my thoughts would stray back to the world of reality because the little ly’s kept surrounding me behind the clouds and the more they giggled, and peeked out of the clouds all began to make me suspicious of them. I feel I can’t trust the ly’s, they are too sneaky for me and make me uncomfortable.   

With the feelings of the ly’s being up to something, I wanted to get away, so I’d run away to the world of reality. He’d always find me, but I didn’t tell him about the little ly’s, how I noticed they were up to something and I was scared. As he slept, I would run to the world of the reality again, but as always he would find me and sweet talk me home to the land of dreams. I had to tell him because I became afraid of the ly’s and couldn’t go out in the dark anymore.

So I looked at him right in the eyes and I told him I needed to go back to the world of reality so I could be safe again, the land of dreams is all it is, dreams. Nothing is what it seems to be in the land of dreams. The ly’s are everywhere they are in the clouds, under the clouds behind the clouds and always peeking out of the  clouds and scaring me with their ugly smiles. They are sneaky and besides  I can’t get away from the ly’s, and when I ran away, he’d  always able to bring me back to the land of dreams. 

When he didn’t say anything I saw so clearly what was going on. I said, “You live in the land of  dreams because everything you say lives in the land of dreams, just like our love, it is only a dream isn’t it?  But, you are always able to bring me back into the land of dreams with ease, and that is also why I have to leave you here. The land of dreams always tries to hide the ly’s, but they’re everywhere.” I left the land of dreams forever that day. 

Where do you live today my love? I toss and turn in the sleepless nights I have any times. One day I walked back to the borderline of the Land of Dreams. He had been looking for me for he just knew in his heart I could not stay away. Into sight I saw him come and I watched him until he stopped at the borderline and did not step into the World of Reality. He did not speak so I looked him in the eyes again and said.

I could not survive in the land of dreams forever and I needed to return to the world of reality; lest my heart would break from your hiding the truth from me. I know you did and still do that’s why I wish you would join me here in the world of  reality, but alas, I know you are not able, for the land of dreams is where you live and the clouds try to hide the ly’s but how could they? That is what the land of dreams is made of; little ly’s that grow up and anchor themselves in your very heart until nothing but lies comes back out of the heart.”

He just kept looking at the ground saying nothing. Then he finally looked up at me but said nothing. So I continued, “Although my heart  may always want to live there with you in the land dreams, you would only  take my heart and try to protect in the clouds, but I told you that the lies always win over the dreams because that’s all dreams are made of. I don’t want to live in the land of dreams anymore and that is why I have to leave you. 

On this side of the border of the world of reality is where my heart will forever live, carefree, and ready to find true love right here in the world of reality. Try to remember the year 2020 with fondness; for it was a very good year in the land of dreams. I fell asleep on the clouds so soft, I could have remained in the land of dreams  forever with you.

When he wouldn’t speak, I continued looking him in the eyes and said, “The world of reality kept calling me but it actually was a little ly that awakened me and then I truly knew lies are always found; for they cannot hide there in the land of dreams. So I had to return to the world of reality. So my favorite little ly couldn’t anchor itself to my heart. You play so innocently, on top of the clouds and shout I love you without a doubt.  My favorite lie could shout so loudly but I had to squish it there in the land of dreams because I could not take it with me into the world of reality.” 

 “Goodbye my love. I will never forget you.

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