Time is Deceiving

Time can be deceiving, we all have our desires, hopes, dreams, and plans It seems we have plenty of time today, but today disappears when tomorrows come and the time we’ve spent on hopes flies away with today.

So we have today and we feel it is enough to dream and plan. but alas, time refuses to wait for anyone, but it ticks on and then today flies away and with that, tomorrow comes invading today again, and all our desires of today fly away.

The hands of time take it with them when it turns into yesterday. Tomorrow takes the place of today, and time goes on dragging with it our hopes, dreams, and plans into yesterday.

When we wake up tomorrow and it is today, it soon becomes yesterday and still, our hopes and dreams sit untouched in our thoughts. Until we wake up tomorrow and see that there are not many tomorrows left for us anymore.

Time is deceiving, we think we have plenty of time but time refuses to wait for anyone, it ticks on and on.

Hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. It all goes by so quickly and with it go chances, what ifs, and should haves Those are forever gone, are there any more?

I heard a whisper in the wind saying, “I hear nothing ahead; and I see nothing behind except an ocean of little clouds that hang low to the ground and are scattered.

They are filled with broken dreams and between them are the many chances, what ifs, and should have’s. Where will I go to end this sadness,

I want to go to the place where the clouds no longer hide the broken dreams, chances, what if, and should have’s.

It’s a new world where no wickedness, danger, sickness, or death will reside. For those things have been gone and buried for years, and no more to be found are people who are damaged and hurt by life.

Gone is hatred, and indifference it is all love now. All people have learned how to love God, our life, our families, and all the people over the world. That’s where all the desires live, and I am reaching for them now because it is promised by Jehovah God Himself that no desire will go unfulfilled. In this new world.

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