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If you or someone you know is computer illiterate please read this.

These computer lessons are not what you think. These are for the computer challenged. I mean exactly that. Are you one of the people doesn’t know what the doo hickky is? what about the thing-a-ma-jig, well I didn’t either, but I became determined to learn what they are and be able to maneuver the computer. Now, I want to teach you the same. The difference is, you will not have to struggle with it, I am going to teach you how to identify what the thing-a-ma-jigs are and other items names. and then you too will be able to follow instructions given on the computer help menu.

You’re loved ones will not be frustrated, they will not mess up the computer, it won’t crash on them. In fact, you’re loved ones will become confident in knowing how to do simple things. Follow the Read the more info button below, or the Lessons button above.

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